Space Saving Interior Solutions

As any smart city slicker will tell you, living smart in a tiny apartment is essential for living more and working less. What does this entail? Any bright interior designers in Mumbai will tell you it is – choosing the right bedroom or living room furniture, downsizing on material possessions and planning your space efficiently to exude functionality, style and personality.

And this is not necessary for tiny apartments alone. Even people with large homes are gradually realizing the importance of saving carbon footprint wanting to inhabit and enjoy their space with accessories, lamps and plants rather than blocking it with bulky furniture.

Consider the living room furniture, where most people would need a dining table & seating, sofas, center tables and TV Units. Why not use a smart wall panel, which pulls up as a dining table when required. For dining chairs, one can use custom created storage ottomans which provide extra seating for guests when not used at the table.

Instead of a bulky sofa why not use the age-old sofa cum bed or a murphy bed? Today contemporary sofa cum beds can be customized to your size and color and have inbuilt mattresses that allow you to keep your sofa cushions fresh and intact. These modern convertible sofas are practical, comfortable and extremely stylish.

Murphy beds are more than simple fold-down beds. You can customize a murphy bed to be built into your TV Unit without the need to move a thing from the TV Unit. The convenience and superior quality of these beds will amaze you.

Even the choice of arm chairs can transform your space. Choosing sleek arm chairs that are light weight and can be moved around to be used as dining chairs is a great space saver. Nested tables provide extra table surface and also free up floor space.

Coming to the bedroom furniture, we recommend opting for custom made furniture which fits into walls and adapts to any offset or beams. A good choice would be a smartly upholstered hydraulic storage bed or a headboard containing sleek mirror recessed shelving or a tall headboard with chic mirror or upholstery.  A great space saving concept is side tables that are embedded into the headboard and can be pulled out when required. Alternatively, cantilevered nightstands free up floor space and lend a modern, chic look to any room.

A Sliding wardrobe is ideal for compact spaces as it doesn’t require any extra space for the doors opening out. We recommend going for floor to ceiling wardrobes in a light finish as it makes the room look compact and spacious.

The second room or kid’s bedroom furniture can be consolidated in a manner where it can be used as a day office, guest room or a media center. Using a trundle bed gives you the option of using the bed as a day bed or sofa when not pulled out. When you have guest, it can be pulled out to create a complete double bed. A customized murphy bed built into the study table unit can convert this room to a study or day office.

If the second room adjoins the living room a smart plan is to create a convertible room with a collapsible divider which, when opened in the day, lends expanse to the living room. And when drawn close in the night, makes it a separate room for sleeping.

Other space saving ideas that can be used in any room include the use of mirrors or reflective surfaces that radiate light into the room or using light colors on the walls. Even better, would be to use the same shade for the wall and the ceiling.

Windows can be dressed with blinds or curtains in light colors and fabrics. Wall mounted shelves and storage compartments visually create a taller impact drawing one’s vision upward. Make sure they are not a stark contrast to the wall color. Do not group furniture very close together and leave small spaces between each piece of furniture to create an airy feel. Adopting a photo/artwork frame as a convertible table, or pull out tables in kitchens and side table give you access to more surface space.

Applying wall mounted or pendant lights and vertical gardens are great ways to add glamour to your home without consuming too much space.

Write to us with your problem areas and we can help you transform your small home into a design classic with many more such great solutions.


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