Designing Modern Compact Homes

Bedroom/ living room furniture design and layout is crucial while planning interiors for small areas. Choose ingeniously functional furniture without compromising on finish and style.

Residing in a metropolitan city has a huge impact on the way we chose to design our homes. Most apartments have cookie-cutter layouts, L – shaped living rooms with French windows, compact bedrooms, narrow kitchens and even more compressed bathrooms.

Designing urban spaces is increasingly challenging; more the constriction in living spaces, the more the need to strike a balance between looks and functionality. A well thought out design will always incorporate elements of modern, cosy, functional and still be unique. Using contemporary designs that are clean and simple and which eschew unnecessary frills is ideal and follow the principle “form follows function”. Less is definitely more when it comes to your choice of custom furniture, color, furnishing and lighting.

Use of large windows that let in natural light and smooth transitioning of the living, dining and kitchen into a single area opens up space. Using neutral color shades for walls & ceilings while adding an eclectic touch through a pop-up wall, an accent chair, funky art piece, indoor plants or colorful accessories can elevate and transform one’s space.

A smartly upholstered bench for the dining table requires less space than individual chairs and can add charm to a dull corner. To avoid cramping your living room, add a sleek chaise sofa instead of bulky armchairs. Use of cantilevered units free up floor space and add style. A great way to add capaciousness to the bathroom is to extend the wall cladding to the floor, whether tile or marble. Of course, the use of large mirrors augments light and expanse.

Coming to the bedroom, the bed is not just the focal point but is also a very personal aspect, therefore, it needs to be well thought out. If you have no choice but to place your bed against a window, opt for one with a retractable headboard that can be flattened to give you unobstructed views or can be brought up to the right position while reading or resting.  If your bedroom is narrow, opt for pull-out side tables that are recessed into the headboard. Another space-saving option is a customized multi-purpose unit that combines a dresser, study and TV Unit. Lastly, but most importantly customizing wardrobes to fit the wall and ceiling is key in making bedrooms look sleek while offering significant storage.

Most people do not pay attention to lighting while it is an essential aspect of any design. Using strategically positioned lights with the right wattage and color can enhance not just your home but also your mood. Small aspects like wardrobe lights,  dressing lights, gooseneck reading lamps, night lamps should be addressed.

Capacious designs are some of the inexpensive, simple and impactful ways to transform one’s space. capacious vibe.

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