Lighting Ideas For Your Home

As any interior designer will tell you, lighting is a critical characteristic of any well thought out living space; it has the capability to alter the mood of a room just as it does the size of a room

Applying accurate kind of lighting and making sure that it is correctly placed is not a simple task

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Space Saving Interior Solutions

As any smart city slicker will tell you, living smart in a tiny apartment is essential for living more and working less. What does this entail? Any bright interior designers in Mumbai will tell you it is – choosing the right bedroom or living room furniture, downsizing on material possessions and planning your space efficiently to exude functionality, style and personality.

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Basics Of Vastu Shastra For Building & Designing Your Home

Our entire universe including our body is made up of five elements EARTH, AIR, SPACE, FIRE & WATER. Vastu Shastra aims at harnessing natural energies to achieve equilibrium among & with these 5 basic elements so as to release positive vibrations thereby harnessing higher energy levels in:

1. Financial Gains
2. Career Growth
3. Excellence in Studies
4. Marital Harmony
5. Good Health
6. Relief from stress and tensions
7. Good Behaviour

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