Basics Of Vastu Shastra For Building & Designing Your Home

Our entire universe including our body is made up of five elements EARTH, AIR, SPACE, FIRE & WATER. Vastu Shastra aims at harnessing natural energies to achieve equilibrium among & with these 5 basic elements so as to release positive vibrations thereby harnessing higher energy levels in:

1. Financial Gains
2. Career Growth
3. Excellence in Studies
4. Marital Harmony
5. Good Health
6. Relief from stress and tensions
7. Good Behaviour

When the 5 elements are not in harmony, they release negative vibrations which adversely pass onto the inhabitants of the house thereby leading to discord in all areas of life.

While there are many books and literature written on this subject, we recommend a few points which any person can keep in mind while buying or designing their home. These should help in creating the basic foundation of a positive home.

Firstly, it is important to understand the elements with respect to the directions of your home to comprehend the positioning and placements of objects:

• Air/Vayu dominates the East
• Earth/Bhumi dominates the Center
• Water/Jal dominates the North
• Fire/Agni dominates the South
• Space/Akash dominates the West

Automatically understanding these positions, you can be guided to place the right object in the right direction.

In Hindus, each of the directions is ruled by various deities, such as:

• North = Kuber (Deity of Wealth)
• North East = Shiva
• North West = Vayu (Deity of Air)
• West = Varun (Deity of Water)
• East = Surya (Deity of Light)
• South = Yamraj (Deity of Death)
• South East = Agni (Deity of Fire)
• South West = Piter (Ancestor)

Again, this serves as a guide during construction and designing a building.

Some key points to keep in mind:

• The main entrance to the house is important as it brings in the right energy into the house and should be in the North or North East. If not, even a window allowing for open air and light coming in from North East is good.
• Ideally while praying, one should face the North East, therefore place the temple in accordance to the same
• This is also a good space to keep valuables and money

• The kitchen should ideally be placed in the South East or at least the cooking stove should be situated in the South East.
• Bathrooms can be situated in the South
• Heavy storage items can be placed here
• Heavy electronics and the main electric meter can be placed in the South East

This is an ideal location for the dining table, bathrooms & storerooms

This is also a good location for the main entrance, windows and balconies allowing for air and light into the house

This direction is good for guest bedrooms, children’s bedroom, and bathrooms

• Considered the stable of all elements, this direction is ideal for the master bedroom
• It is ideal to keep money/safe in the South West, facing the north
• One can also keep heavy storage items/wardrobes facing the north

Allow for maximum free space ensuring free flow of air & light

Vastu is not about any religion but just about enhancing positive vibrations through natural elements so as to enhance peace and prosperity in one’s life.

In today’s time when most houses are in ready apartments, it is impossible to get a home that is completely built on the above Vastu principles. Our next blog on the subject will discuss such constraints and how to maximize without making any structural changes.

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